The seal of Saint Columban College is being adopted with the form and descriptions that symbolize her Mission Statement.

    1. Form and Design

    The seal of Saint Columban College is hexagonal in form; and is circumscribed by a chain. Inscribed around the corners of the hexagon are: the name of the institution, Saint Columban College, which is found at the lower portion of the hexagon; and the three Latin words: Sapienta, Caritas, and Iustitia on the upper portion.

    The centermost is an open book with the inscription: Pro Deo et Patria (For God and country) and a lighted torch. Below the book, 1957 is written, the year Saint Columban College was established.

    CHAIN The chain symbolizes unity among the people of Saint Columban College and the community they serve, generating collective effort in attaining the Vision, Mission and Goals.

    Circle The circle stands for the integral formation of the students which can be attained through the dynamic interaction of the community, guided by the school's Vision and Mission.